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Arno Pietersen


Arno Pietersen (Photographer & Nature Guide)

"I grew up in a very small place far from cities and crowds on a farm area. I started to take an interest in wildlife/animals long before I reached the age of 15. After school I started studying animals and did my diploma on animal health through the University of Pretoria and completed my Nature Guiding Studies in 2006.


I have been working/guiding since 2006 late September in the Bela Bela area in reserves such as Mabula Game lodge whereupon I returned in 2008 to the lowveld, longing for the Kruger National Park. I have been working in the park from 2009 till present doing Guiding and very soon fell in love with photography.


I have about 17 000 hours on safari now and a well stacked portfolio on wildlife photo’s including my famous Kudu Leaping Photo. It was published at first on my Facebook page where it went viral and reached 11 000 likes and 7000 Shares on social media within 48 hours. Media establishments all over the globe contacted me to have it published and even CNN wanted to have an interview with me on it. I was lucky as the famous French Travelling magazine called “La Figaro” published it on two whole pages via the Company called Greatstock Media. (Kudu Jumping photo)


Have been busy shooting weddings and family shoots since 2012 and simply love taking great photo’s, wildlife becoming more and more of a magnet for me at this point. Whenever we do photographic safaris in the Kruger or elsewhere we try to get the best light and sightings as we can.

I work with colleagues Bernard Bekker and Hennie Bekker at the moment also known as the “Bekker Brothers”



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