This Safari company was formed by two brothers Bernhard & Hennie Bekker, know as the "BEKKER BROTHERS" Arno Pietersen joins us in our quest to deliver private safari guided tour of top quality in the Kruger National Park...



The passion for the African bush and wildlife and to share this with others. Bernhard has been involved in tourism and anti-poaching training of rangers since 1998 and has spent many hours in the bush observing these wonderful animals and doing work for various tourism companies. Bernhard and Hennie started their own tour operating company in order to provide excellent service and personal attention to their valued guests. Arno Pietersen and also joined them in this goal and has been providing a great bush experience for customers. You are welcome to read what guest are saying on TRIPADVISOR about Private Kruger Safaris.



Time spent at animal and bird sightings is the most important we do not believe that you have to come all this way to read a book next to the pool. So we will be out and about the whole day if needed to get specific animals for your game viewing needs. Birding is also a passion of us and Arno Pietersen is our birding expert Hennie and Bernhard do more the Big cat and other animals. All three of us are professional wildlife photographers and we would gladly learn you your cameras on tour and give you tried, tips and tricks about wildlife photography and how to improve your skills. Making sure that you are in the right position to get the shot is in a big way the most important step to get the shot. Patience and persistence pay off in the end, but nobody said it was going to be easy, that's what you need our guidance to help you every step of the way. Many of our valued guests have started on Program and ended up shooting in Manual after a 6-day tour in the bush. To know your camera and it's capabilities to the fullest will help you to maximize your photography skills.

We also take great care of guests that is not into wildlife photography so much the same principles applies you just don't take a photo that all. Rhinos are under threat from POACHERS. Rhinos have been under a huge threat from poachers and the number of lives being influenced is really becoming an issue on the African continent. People are dying for animal products that do have no proven medicinal health purposes, so education of both local and international consumers is of at most importance in order to save this species, before it is too late.

We have to do everything in our power to conserve the African bush and it's wildlife new land is being set aside to provide more natural habitat for these wonderful creatures and conservationist is focusing heavily on ecotourism to play a role in funding conservation area's so every little bit helps to keep theses area's afloat in Africa's difficult economic development.