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Three of the Big Five in one wildlife sighting in Kruger Park

Three of the Big Five in one amazing wildlife sighting in Kruger National Park, South Africa. One afternoon we got some information about lions that caught a Zebra in a river bed, minutes after we arrived a herd of elephants appears as we did not really get to see the lions as they were in the tall grass in the river bed. But that changed quickly as the matriarch elephant cow did not take any nonsense from the lions and share them. There is usually one leader, the matriarch, who is often the oldest female, with the rest of the herd being made up of her own offspring. Being the oldest, she has the experience and knowledge that will ensure the survival of the herd in times of hardship. Suddenly the elephants charged the lions and the lions scattered in many directions. The elephants did not like their presence close to their young calf this made for amazing wildlife behavior and then the third of the big five walked into the sighting, unbelievable sight. Hope you enjoy it, have a great day. Please subscribe and tick the BELL! Many more videos coming your way. 🔴 Subscribe to our channel: Do you like our videos? BUY us a coffee? Safari Guide & Video: Hennie Bekker Company: B1 Photo Safaris & PK Safaris #krugerparksafari#pksafaris#southafrica#visithazyview

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