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Male pays Lion pride an unexpected visit l Shingwedzi Kruger Park

A huge male lion comes out of nowhere and surprises the females. They were playing around in the Shingwedzi River about 1km from the Shingwedzi Restcamp in Kruger National Park.

On our private wildlife photographic safari we were stunned by this being the first sighting early morning just out the gate we got the females playing in the river while having a drink in some mud pools.

The male was stalking them and sniffing obviously pickup their sent from far away and was following them, he does the Fleming

response to check if any females are ready to mate after sniffing the ground and some females.

When they all started to roar together that was really a safari moment to remember.

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Safari Guide & Video: Bernhard & Hennie Bekker

Company: B1 Photo Safaris

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